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Our Services
Our scope of operations is as follows:
» Aircraft Chartering.
» Overfilling & Landing Permits
» Handling Services
» Provides Air Ambulances upon request
» Maintenance Services (Construction Building, electricity and Services).
» International (air & sea) and local freight forwarding.
» Household services.
» Full Part- charters.
» Package & wrapping of all kinds of shipments.
» Customized household & personal effects handling & warehousing
» Door-to-door delivery.
» Hazardous & Non- hazardous Chemicals as well as Liquid Tank Container
» Insurance services on all cargo.
» Proficiency in Forwarding First class- cargo.
» Storage & Warehousing.
» Transportation & container trucking.
» Customs clearance in all airports & harbors throughout all Sudan
» Import & Export License
» Aircraft Chartering.
» Overfilling & landing Permits
» Handling Services
» Provides Air Ambulances upon Request
Our Logistics Advantages:
Storage & Warehouses
» Area: 1200 square meter warehouse
» Location: Khartoum Airport
» Area: 3000 square meter warehouse
» Location: Port Sudan
Transportation & Trucking
Our Fleet consists of trucks (100kg up 30tons & over) trail super trucks: for loading heavy weights, such as cements, machinery equipment, tools, steel bars, Tank trucks & tank trailer for loading, chemicals, (Dangerous &Non-dangerous) / Handling Forklift: for loading small medium sizes / Winches: for lifting up medium loads & weights up to 90tons

Please, do note that warehousing can be conducted at any of the above warehouses -- storage rates can be agreed upon except for regular shipments, which must be previously approved by an agency agreement so that we can gain the highest profit share, besides we do not charge any collection fees on the consolidated shipments. No other freight forwarder in Sudan enjoys those advantages but M-Aviation.

Our Financial & Accounting Dept. always remit all due outstanding in time, settling every accounting matter smoothly enough. Also, being a client of a first –class Bank which operates all financial Transactions, LC & LG dynamically & speedily. Our Sales Department will respond efficiently to all your requirements, who built a solid base of multi-national customers over the years, gained the confidence nationally & abroad.

M-Aviation Services Co Ltd Is leading company in offering the petroleum Companies, the exploration and exploitation following services:
» Air freight (Export/Import) (Door to Door,Ex-work,F.O.B)
» Sea freight (export / import)(Break Bulks, LCL, FCL)
» International Inland Freight (Covering the European Countries, North America an Canada)
» Storing all kinds of Petroleum and petrochemical materials, pipes, explosive, dangerous and radio active products.
» Distributing all kind of dangerous and non-dangerous materials to any location inside Sudan, as we have the special trailers, trucks and wenches (fixed and movable) to execute this kind of business.
» Off-loading and handling the above mentioned materials, in addition to the units of an irregular dimensions and heavy weights.
» We have agreement with the insurance Companies to cover all the shipments and the equipment as well, whether it is full or part insurance.
» Our efficient staff and custom clearance crew has the experience to deal with these kinds of shipments
» M-Aviation Services Co. is one of very few companies (only 3) in Sudan that are registered in FIATA.
» M-Aviations Services Co. has the priority for blocking spaces for the materials of petroleum companies with the Air lines and steamship lines.
» We can obtain all the approvals from the different Ministries in Sudan, which are a must in importing and exporting any item in Sudan.
» We can be the Importer and Exporter for the petroleum companies against a commission paid to us by them, as we have all the licenses to perform such a job.
M-Aviation Services Co. LTD has a long range of experience in dealing with all kinds of dangerous and non-dangerous materials according to the following rules & regulations:

Classes of Hazardous Materials:
1. Explosive is any a chemical compound, mixture or device the primary or common purpose of which is the function by explosion.
2. Class A explosives detonating or otherwise of maximum hazard.
3. Class B explosives in general, function by rapid combustion rather than detonation and include some explosive devices such as special fireworks, flash powders, etc, flammable hazard.
4. Class C explosives is certain type of manufactured articles containing Class A or Class B explosives or both, as components but in restricted quantities, and certain type of fireworks, minimum hazard.
5. Combustible liquid is any liquid having a flash point at or above 100 F and below 200 F under the conditions specified in title 49, CFR.
6. Corrosive materials are any liquid or solid that causes destruction of human skin tissue or a liquid that has a severe corrosion rate on steel.
7. Flammable liquid is any liquid having a flash point below 100 F under the condition specified in title 49.
8. Prophetic liquid any liquid that may ignite spontaneously when exposed to air the temperature of which is 55 C (130 F) or below.
9. Compressed gas is any material or mixture having in the container a pressure exceeding 40 psia at 70 F or 104 psia at 130 F.
10. Flammable gas is nay compressed gas meeting the requirement for lower flammability limit, flammability range, flame projection, or flame propagation criteria.
11. Non-flammable gas is any compressed gas other than a flammable compressed gas.
12. Flammable solid is nay solid material, other than explosive which is liable to cause fire through friction, absorption of moisture, spontaneous chemical changes, retained heat from manufacturing or processing, or which can be ignited readily, and when ignited burns so vigorously and persistently as to create a serous transportation hazard.
13. Organic peroxide is an organic compound containing the bivalent -. -. Structured and which may be considered a derivative of hydrogen peroxide where one or more of the of hydrogen atoms have been replaced by organic radicals must be classed as organic peroxide.
14. Oxidizer is a substance such as chlorate, permanganate, inorganic peroxide, nitro carbo nitrate, or nitrate that yields oxygen readily to stimulate the combustion of organic matter.
15. Poison A is extremely dangerous poisonous gasses or liquid of such nature that a very small amount, mixed with air, is dangerous to life.
16. Poison B is less dangerous poisons. Substances, liquids or solids (including pastes and semi-solid) other than class A or irritating materials which are known to be so toxic to man as to afford hazard to health during transportation, or which, in the absence of adequate data on human toxicity, are presumed to be toxic to man based on results with test animals.
17. Irritating materials is liquid or solid substances, which, upon contact with fire, or when exposed to air, give off dangerous or intensely irritating fumes, but not including any poisonous material, Class A.
18. Etiological Agent is an etiologic agent means a viable micro-organism, or its toxin, which causes or may cause human disease.
19. Radioactive material is any material or combination of materials that spontaneously limits ionizing radiation and has specific gravity greater than 0.002 micro curies per gram.
20. ORM-A, B, or c (other regulated materials) any materials that does not meet the definition of a hazardous material, other than combustible liquid in packaging having a capacity of 110 gallons or less, as is specified in Sec.172.101 as an ORM material or that possesses one or more of the characteristics described in ORM-A through D below (Sec. 173.500 (note : an ORM with a flash point of 100 F to 200 F, when transported with more than 110 gallon in one container shall be classed as a combustible liquid.
21. ORM-A is a material which has an anesthetic, irritating, noxious, toxic or other similar property and which can cause extreme annoyance or discomfort to Passengers and crew in the event of leakage during transportation.
22. ORM-B is a material) including a solid when wet with water) capable of causing significant damage to a transport vehicle or vessel from leakage during transportation. Materials meeting one or both of the following criteria are ORM-B materials: (1) A liquid substance that has a corrosion rate exceeding 0.250 inch per year (IPY) on aluminum (non clad 7075-T6) at a test temperature of 130 F. An acceptance test is described in NACE
23. Standard TM-01-69, and (2) specifically designated by name in Sec. 172.101 of the subchapter.
24. ORM-D is a material such as a consumer commodity which, through otherwise subject to the regulations of the subchapter, presents a limited hazard during transportation due to its form, quantity and packaging.
Above given data are delivered in a purely indicative manner and without any and all commitment of ourselves. Please kindly get confirmation from concerned bodies before using.
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