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At our headquarters we have professional personnel operating in air & sea freight divisions, who are able to respond to all the freight inquiries efficiently with a continuous follow- up of quotation supported by highly trained operating executive people, public relations staff, a large-scale network of computers. Also, as soon as a shipment is outbound, we immediately proceed with booking confirmation & preparing all the required shipping documents and at the earliest time, assisted by all the up-to-date specialized software in the freight industry and other communication systems they need.

At Air / Sea ports our customs clearance crew consisting appxt. Of 03 employees will c. clear all air/sea shipments – placing our 06 - year's expertise at the hands of our customers, making administrative procedures much more flexible & faster than ever? The wide range of export, re-export, transit, temporary import & consolidated shipments …etc. are cleared by those who are exposed & more familiar with the nature of logistics world today.

The position our company has achieved so far is undoubtedly due to the contribution of many multidimensional factors such as a large-scale network of computers, a huge number of trustworthy & reputable agents all over the world, and a perfectly trained, experienced & professional staff . Our intimate relationships with most of the International Airlines & Steam-ship lines around the world give us the enthusiasm to go forward & achieve more success in our business.

Our philosophy is focused on our strong belief in offering a satisfactory service, professional execution of orders, timely and safe delivery of consignment due to the fact that worldwide logistic require today an overseas partner capable to execute the shipping needs of every individual customer related to specific demands given by the sensitivity of the merchandise itself , the actual market situation

And the increasing demand to perform under time - pressure at cost sensitive levels with excellent services surrendered.
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